The Estate of Euan Uglow


Jan 15 — Feb 1, 2014

Marlborough is  delighted to announce its forthcoming exhibition of drawings from the Estate of Euan Uglow. This exhibition follows Paintings and Works on Paper at the gallery in 2007, which coincided with the publication of Euan Uglow: The Complete Paintings (Yale University Press, 2007) by Catherine Lampert and Richard Kendall.

The majority of the 51 drawings have not been shown before and include several studies for important paintings such as Articulation, The Quarry, Pignano and Potiphar’s Wife amongst others. Andrew Lambirth writes in the catalogue introduction entitled A Clear Defined Line:

“As more time elapses since Euan Uglow’s untimely death in 2000, his position as a radical and inventive painter is increasingly widely recognized. Instead of being seen as a mere follower of a reactionary realistic tendency in mid 20th century British painting, his originality has begun to reassert itself and the universality of his work understood. .... And at the heart of Uglow’s artistic endeavour lies drawing.

His drawings are compilations of marks, of dots and dashes: a system which sometimes approaches Morse code in its decisive simplifications, and which at others throws off all constraints and embraces a lyricism both unexpected and rewarding. Precisely measured marks can sit side by side with wristy scribble. Some drawings start with an idea, others are a process of uncovering. Uglow drew to discover the details, weight and shape of a body or object. Many, like the sheet of five parts of figures, are exploratory studies, intended ‘to see what a form is doing’. He would also want to investigate, from time to time, the look of a body from another angle than the chosen pose.”

An illustrated catalogue will be available alongside the exhibition.


Uglo fl art school model
Art School Model, pencil on paper, 121 × 12 1/4 in., 33 × 31 cm
Uglow, standing nude ii, 1960, pencil on paper, 14 1 8 x 11 in., 36 x 28 cm
Standing Nude II, c. 1960, pencil on paper, 14 1/8 × 11 in., 36 × 28 cm
Uglo fl nude sitting on a chair
Nude sitting on a Chair, pencil on paper, 121 × 10 in., 33 × 25.5 cm
Uglo fl hefty nude
Hefty Nude, pencil on paper, 22 × 14 in., 55.9 × 35.6 cm